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Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Holy SHIT!

As I went through my high school days in Denver, Colorado one of the most popular phrases was, "Peace in the Middle East." It was catchy, and signified that although we went to private school, we still had a globalized consciousness. Considering how LONG there have been tensions in that region in the world, we all felt that if peaceful coexistence could happen there, it could happen ANYWHERE. I think it's safe to say that all of our teachers promoted the idea that there was so much more in the world to think about than trivial matters- and it became an important part of our personal beings. I still believe that a peaceful solution there is important and NEEDS to happen soon.

But, let me say this. If the PM of Israel and all the various Palestinian factions sat down at a table in Egypt, hammered out a peace deal that would last an eternity, and Jews and Muslims could FINALLY live side by side without dodging Uzi bullets and suicide bombers, I would look them all square in the eye and say, "(yawn) So what! I've got more important news...."