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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Hey Mayor!

I think I have writer's block, or blog writing apathy or something. I've just not been compelled to write anything lately. And I'm not alone, 'cause on my list of favorite blogs, a good half of you have posts up that are at least a months old- or close to it:

Nic's still talking about old Irish people fuckin' in a Starbucks, Nizzle's still ranting about how shitty mainstrean music is these days, No Fear is still wondering if she's shallow for not being attracted to a guy shorter than her (and for the record- NO), Eyechan is STILL revelling about his trip(s) and New Year's Eve celebration (and for the record- I'm still jealous), Kiyotoe is still pondering the world's issues and his role in solving them (yeah good luck with that), The Counselor is still in love with Obama (and his adorable ears), Neely's still molesting dead adults as she becomes a doctor in order to molest live adults, and Woozie's FINALLY graduated high school!!!! What's it been, 6...7 years? (Congratulations by the way).

Summer's here and I have no excuse for neglecting my online diary, so if I get more than a few of these in before August, I'll have accomplished a lot. So with that....

....I think I offended the Mayor of Atlanta today. No seriously, and if I did, I don't blame her for being offended. When I was younger my grandmother would always encourage us to ask questions of people whenever she took us out. Normally I'd have nothing to ask- either because a) I was too shy and timid to ask or b) I just didn't have shit to ask, and I think that always disappointed my Nana. Some things just don't change....

Michelle is out of the country with her other daughter for the next two weeks travelling Greece and Germany and wherever else she's going (can you tell I'm bitter!). J just graduated high school (congratulations J) and is moving on the help save the planet- and dammit we need more people like that! So while they're over there seeing all the beautiful things across the pond(including my old friend Nick the Greek) I'm spending that time with Naimah. Now don't get me wrong, we are having a great time in between the tantrums and the Daddy, I wants, but let's just say that I have a newfound appreciation of single parents! Today I stuck Naimah in a stroller and walked to the grocery store to get some things. Out the corner of my eye I see this woman walk through the sliding glass doors:

Shirley Franklin, esteemed mayor of Atlanta accompanied by her body guard/personal assistant/bed buddy. She's actually someone I like as mayor, she seems, seems to have the city's best interests at heart. We're walking towards her, she's walking towards us and now, I mentally revert back to the days where my Nana would encourage us to ask important, intelligent questions of people. The first thing that comes into my head as the gap between us closes is that I need to talk to her, ask her about the state of education in Atlanta, complain, argue, debate- SOMETHING, but no good question pops in my head (hell it's summer time- I ain't thinking about them kids!!!!)

So she makes a b-line for the pharmacy to get some aspirin, and as we approach her, she looks up at me with a genuine smile and we make eye contact. The moment has arrived, and I'm about to have an important conversation with the first female mayor of Atlanta, someone who could use my words as inspiration to change the course of the city's education system and here's what comes out of my mouth as we pass:

"MAYYYYYYOR!!! How are you?"

She politely said, "I'm good and you?"

I simply reply, "I'm good"- and strolled off to join the line at the cashier wondering to myself...

Wow, I really had nothing to say.....Hmmmm, should I have said Madam Mayor instead?

I think that would definitely qualify as a Homer Simpson moment....


Blogger Nicole said...

haha!!! Rub it in already!!!

I'll be back tomorrow to comment...and I am sooooo jealous of Michelle going to Germany!!!

and you are a very sweet and wonderful daddy...have I told you that lately? :-)

Thu Jun 12, 04:58:00 PM

Blogger paz y amor said...

Awww I appreciate it Nic! She's having a good time beating up on papa while mommy's out of town but we're having a good time regardless. You're a wonderful mom too, but you know that already! :) I've got some updated pics of the little one on my facebook page if you want to see. I'd put em up here, but I've been advised against that by a few concerned bloggers (you included...)You know how the loony pervs get in the land of the internets. You on facebook yet?

Fri Jun 13, 07:54:00 AM

Blogger Nicole said...

oh yeah...I'm on facebook too.

so...does this mean you want to take it to the next level???!!!!??


I have pics of my kids on there too...and my house etc.

hmmmm....I have no problems with Peace and Love knowing my biz, but who else on here do you facebook with?

Fri Jun 13, 10:22:00 AM

Blogger Nicole said...

ps. Tonight is the first home game of 2008 for my GREY CUP winning champs, the RIDERS....go green tonight Paz!

My city just celebrated it's 41st annual Mosiac festival...it is a multi-culteral festival, celebrating many different heritages...you buy a "passport" for $12.00 and that gets you access to the 21-22 different pavilions set up across the city. there are also bus services set up on routes and your passport gets you free access to all the rides you want...for those that don't drive, or don't want to drive with the price of petro!!!, or those looking for a safe ride home incase they partake in any spirits!

I was selling jag shots and import beers at my German pavilion...and everyday we roasted a whole pig on a BBQ...I thought of you...haha...not for that...but because you won't eat pork!

I should email you a couple pics!

Fri Jun 13, 10:26:00 AM

Blogger paz y amor said...

You- "so...does this mean you want to take it to the next level???!!!!??"

Me- yeah... (shyly) :)

"I have no problems with Peace and Love knowing my biz, but who else on here do you facebook with?"

Only a few and names you probably know already- Kiyotoe, The Counselor, Hollowman but they're people who I know in person so what's the point, right? If I need to tell them something I can just call em on the phone! Don't worry, I won't share anything I see on your FB with the congregation
....unless it's just THAT tantilizing! just kidding :) your secrets are safe with me. send me your last name and your city (you only told me four hours north of Minnesota) I'll find you (you want to email it to me instead?)

I really miss going to the festivals in Denver. There are a few here, but they're not that good yet. For some reason, they haven't figured out how to make it so people want to come back next year. Your festival sounds fun as hell though- except the poor little piggy. I'm sure it was tasty though- even though I don't eat pork. :)

I'm all about the Eurocup these days, but I'll be rooting for your Riders this season too. Hopefully I can catch a couple games on cable before the end of the season!

Fri Jun 13, 01:06:00 PM

Blogger Woozie said...

ccccombo breaker

That being said, what you talking about, six or seven years? I only been blogging for about three! And facebooking for a few months.

Okay I'm done interrupting. If anyone needs me I'll be down by Popeye's.

Tue Jun 17, 04:14:00 AM

Blogger paz y amor said...

Woozie- I was referring to the 6 or 7 years you spent in high school. I was trying to be funny (since it really took you all of 4 years or so), but the joke's all messed up now since you didn't get it the first time dammit! Back to your fried chicken young squire....

Tue Jun 17, 11:27:00 AM

Blogger Kiyotoe said...

that ain't no Homer moment, that's a YAH-ism!

I know Big Shirley wasn't in Kroger, you must have been at the farmer's market.

Fri Jun 27, 03:48:00 PM

Anonymous Slick said...

You know....I actually have respect for this mayor more so than any others I can remember. Bill Campbell was a joke and I'm sure everyone knows that by now...

Andrew Jackson was ok.

Shirley seems to have more of a personal attitude toward the city.

And you were mentally challenged when faced with her?? Shame Shame...NaNa wouldn't be proud :)

Sat Jun 28, 02:39:00 PM

Anonymous Slick said...

lol...Andrew Young dammit.

Maynard JACKSON wasn't all that.

Sat Jun 28, 02:41:00 PM

Blogger eyechan said...

PAAAAAZZ!! how are you? im good, im good.

i think what you did there was fine. you said hello, you were friendly, but you didn't waste her time (and yours) by asking questions you don't really care about. nicely done i say.

im sure you would've had more to say if it had been george dubbya...

havent had much time for blogging in recent months, but like yourself ive had some time off for the summer break and so have finally managed to update my blog. actually ive started a new blog. the link is on my old one.

enjoy the rest of you summer. its back to work for me on monday. summer school. booooo!!

Sat Jul 26, 07:23:00 AM


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