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Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Run Dhileepan Run!

It seems that lately there has been a lot of news about criminals on the lam from justice. When we read/hear about these people, we hope and pray that these criminals are taken off the street as soon as possible so that we can live safer lives. Usually it's some cracked out meth head who stole a police cruiser thinking it was his grandmother's Buick, and usually I don't give a shit about the criminal or his excuses for his crimes, but this case is a bit different.....

Before I continue, I want you to think back to what types of things you were doing as a 15 year old teen....You have some memories coming back right?

The movies, the mall, fast food, roller skates, basketball, paper airplanes, summer camp, bubbles, "Hide and Go Get It" errrr....I mean, "Hide and Seek", yeah, "Hide and SEEK"

How about performing a C-section? Was that on your list? No? Mine either.

Well, this kid Dhileepan Raj is unofficially the youngest person to ever deliver a baby by Caesarian section. Under the watchful eye of both his parents (both doctors themselves) Dhileepan performed the procedure sucessfully and compared to what we were doing as kids, that's some amazing shit if you ask me! Most of us were too squeamish to dissect frogs at that age, imagine trying to cut open a human and taking out a baby! This kid needs to be showered with accolades and scholarships to the best universities the world has to offer. But instead....

....he's on the run from the Indian authorities.

Now I know he looks like a criminal. Just look at those little beady eyes and devilish grin. You can tell he wants to chop you up and feed you to elephant seals just for the fun of it, but that's not why he's in the top ten of India's Most Wanted. He's being sought because his father wanted to see his son's name in the Guiness Book of World Records. After performing the surgery, Dhileepan's proud father began showing the video to his colleagues, who were probably jealous that their own teen sons were selling magazines on the corner and sniffing glue instead of operating on people. Some punk ass envious doctor ratted on them and today the cops showed up to arrest Dhileepan and his parents for "cheating, forgery of records, endangering human life, concealing evidence and abetting a crime." His parents got taken into custody, but the kid got away and now the police are after him. Now, I know of some stories where parents have forced their kids to work the rice fields and factories, or even allowed their kids to become child prostitutes or do pornography to help bring food to the table. (OK Woozie, I promise, it's the last reference to that unnamed ex-con!!!) These parents are teaching their son to be a DOCTOR! What's so criminal about that?

OK, ok, so having a kid do medical procedures is a bit of a hazard, I mean really, most teens can't walk and chew gum simultaneously, much less drive a car safely, but he did the surgery correctly and the woman and child are both fine. One day this kid is gonna save hundreds of lives with his medical skills and why should a criminal record keep him from that? Some crimes deserve a slap on the wrist and I think this is one of them! So right here and now, I'm starting the Free Dhileepan Petition (that is, after he gets caught) so that our senators and congressmen know that we support this kid. Hell, I'll even provide him a free place to stay....once I move to a place of my own!