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Friday, November 09, 2007

People in positions of power

You gotta love the news these days! There is nothing but stories on the war in Iraq, the '08 elections, idiot celebs and idiot civilians. THAT'S IT. I've all but given up on reading the news anymore because it honestly sickens my heart to think that the most important news stories of the day have little to do with important topics. Who gives a fuck about Tom Cruise's fear regarding his new movie, or whether the superfan he calls his "wife" ran a damn marathon? There is a place for bullshit news stories like this- it's called "the TRASH". Now that I've got my rant out of the way, I'd like to share my idiot stories of the week.

Welcome Home Benazir Bhutto

If you have no idea who this woman is here's a short resume:

1988 Elected the first female Prime Minister of Pakistan

1990 Removed from office on corruption charges

1993 Re elected (Pakistanis are gluttons for punishment I guess)

1996 RE-removed from office on corruption charges

1998 Went to Dubai for self imposed "exile"

2007 Returned to Pakistan and was welcomed by thousands of supporters and two suicide bombers (they missed her and killed 120 some-odd people)

I have a feeling that she stopped reading the papers long ago, but Pakistan is not the place she left in '98. These days, stories are emerging that men are throwing acid in the faces of women who walk around uncovered. I understand having national pride and everything, but who in their right mind would leave this in Dubai....

and come back to this in Pakistan....

and still think it's a good idea? If you said "an idiot" you've won yourself a point.

I used to like the Vikings....

Apparently, funerals aren't a reason to miss work, for football players that is. Minnesota Viking Troy Williams got fined 25 grand because he had to miss three practices and a game, not because he was hanging out with hookers, not because he was fondling little boys. He left his team for a few days to organize the details and attend his grandmother's funeral, a person he credits with teaching him almost EVERYTHING he knows. In addition to making the arrangements, he paid for plane tickets so that other family members could attend.

"I'd throw this football thing away for my family," he said.

What a threat he is to society! The irony is that the NFL has all these stoopid (yes stOOpid) ass folks who shoot guns in public places, take drugs, kill dogs and act irresponsible. Most times, the team reps are in front of cameras defending these jack asses and trying to make nice with the media. I want some suit on ESPN defending this guy TODAY.

Sub Stuff

I LOVE being an educator and the people who keep my sanity intact aren't my co-workers (they're just as loony as me) nor are they the afternoon bus drivers (though they are a close second). My favorite people of all are substitute teachers. They take my little bastards off my hands for a day so I can rest my mind and sleep in (or masterbate- whichever comes first). Every now and then, you get a sub who does fuck all and lets the kids tear up the room, but for the most part, subs are good professional people who babysit for a hundred dollars a day. Some sub in Houston though is taking her job too seriously. Apparently she's telling the kids in her science class all kinds of lies and semi-truths that have pissed off the class parents. For instance, according to her students, she's said:

-She doesn't want to be referred as "Miss" because it's short for "misstress"- which infers the thought of a prostitute (semi-truth) Instead her students have to call her Sister Jessica.

-There is rat poison in toothpaste (lie)

-Sugar is cocaine (a lie in reality but pretty damn close as a metaphor. You can't tell me that kids after Halloween don't act like folks on cocaine!!!)

-The woman's menstural cycle is "bad" (I'm not touching this one. Ladies?)

-She calls McDonald's and Burger King "CrackDonalds" and "MurderKing" because fast food is unhealthy because can kill you (well......I'll give her that one)

OK, so she's not WAY off the mark with her facts but her delivery sucks. Depending on how you look at it, she might be a little off the rocker and shouldn't be in front of the class spewing he beliefs, that much is true. However, SHE'S not the idiot here, it's the Houston School District. They decided to keep her on rather than fire her, probably because she's a "substitute" only in title. The reality is that she's probably in the classroom because they can't find an actual certified educator to teach that class. Such is the state of public education in the hood. I'm sure if the school was in a more well-to-do area, she'd be out on the street before she could finish the word "men-stru-al". I actually heard about a sub who got fired because porn popped up on the classroom computer. She apparently tried to exit out, but more windows with porn opened with each keystroke. Don't sit there looking all sanctimonious- it's happened to you too!