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Friday, October 10, 2008

When I was younger, one of the first movies my dad took me to was called "Seven Samurai". I'm a little shaky on the details, but more or less it was about a group of seven noble Japanese warriors hired to defend a town from some evil henchman and his army of evil bastards. What I remember most was how, in the face of overwhelming odds they were able to beat back the maurading hoard and attain victory and honor. Even to this day, I STILL love old samurai movies, especially Zatoichi the Blind Swordsman, mainly for the unrealistic scenarios the heros find themselves in. For instance, one samurai movie I saw recently had this amazing scene with a guy armed with nothing more than the clothes on his back and a bamboo stick, running for his life from a mass of 30 some odd attackers armed to the teeth with swords and knives. This guy was trapped in a forest, surrounded by sword wielding pursuers, swinging his little stick wildly as he desperately tried to keep his blood and guts inside his own body. After a few minutes of ducking and dodging, wouldn't ya know it, his ass gets away....somehow. As you watch a scene like that, in the back of your mind you can't help but say, Bullshit. If this was imperial Japan, his ass would have been skewered and diced quicker than a side of Waffle House hashbrowns. But then you remember, it's Hollywood, (or at least the Japanese version of Hollywood) and the reality of a scene is only as authentic as the director's vision......

.....So why is it that THIS asshole can't understand that he's not living in a Japanese samurai movie? Almost fifteen years ago, he gets arrested for the murder of his ex-wife and her boy toy, and in the face of overwhelming odds, mounds of evidence and the opinions of a divided nation regarding his guilt, he gets acquitted a year later. An intelligent person would realize that the Fates were giving them a second chance, AND a warning to keep their fucking nose clean for ...the..rest..of..their...life!! But noohoohooooo, not OJ. He goes and gathers a few "friends" to help him rob some guys of sports memorabilia, all because he thinks he can tempt Fate twice. I knew as soon as he got arrested in Las Vegas after the incident that he had no chance of getting off a second time and sure enough, he's going down. Now in all honesty, part of me feels a bit sorry for him because he was actually trying to get some stuff back that was in fact his, but something in his brain should have told him to do a proverbial cutback that he's so famous for and rethink his actions. You know a little....Wait a second, I KNOW folks are pissed that I got off for knifing my ex. Maybe I need to chill out and just let it go...after all, it's just stuff. The irony of it all is that in reality, the jerseys, footballs and whatever else seemed so important to him at the time- really don't mean shit right now considering the rest of his future is looking like it will be spent behind the stone walls of some Nevada prison, sleeping butt nekkid for his new roommate, Bruno*. As Jurior Bush said, "Fool me once, shame on you- fool me twice...... fool me can't get fooled again" (or something like that). Much like our president, OJ will be remembered not as the brave samurai that got away in the face of overwhelming odds, but instead he'll be remembered as the idiotic samurai who brought a bamboo stick to a sword fight and is expecting to win. You can only get away with so much in this life and (un)fortunately, OJ (and Junior) had to learn this lesson the hard way....
* There's your sleepin' nekkid reference Wooz. Let's see if it works..... Nic, where are you??????


Blogger Kiyotoe said...

Poor OJ...he's just a victim of his environment and the "man" is persecuting him because he used to be a successful black man that loved white women! Free OJ!!

Yeah right...dumb ass Orenthenol (or whatever his name is). When you think about it though, he's like an early version of these dumb ass pro athletes that are throwing their lives away right now...ie, Lawrence Phillips, Pacman Jones, Jason "shotgun" Williams, etc.

Mon Oct 13, 09:49:00 PM

Blogger Anne said...

I just don't understand why he couldn't get the cops to get his stuff back for him, file a police report like everybody else, or sue like everybody else. He gives dumb jocks a bad name. :p

Mon Oct 13, 11:01:00 PM

Blogger paz y amor said...

Kiyotoe, someone told me a few weeks back that OJ has no sympathy coming from Black folks this time around. There's someone ELSE who's got the support.

Anne, I have a feeling that whatever cop answered the call would have simply laughed in his face and rolled off to the nearest donut shop! :) I think dumb jocks do it to themselves, but he did it twice! :)

Tue Oct 14, 05:08:00 PM

Blogger Nicole said...

LOL. oh you boys are funny!!!

you know, when I crawled out of bed, nekkid from the waist down, I just had this urge to come and visit my good friend Paz.... very interesting, eh???!!! :-p
( but i got dressed first of course!!! :-)

and Wooz, what's new??? Nice to know that some people have missed me. I 'm around...been busy, I have teenagers...that should say it all.

Went to Vegas for a whole week. Left the 3rd, and came home on the 10th. I had an absolute BLAST! The only thing that really surprised me was if I hadn't already known prior to going to Vegas that your country has an election going on, you would never have known by visiting vegas and surrounding area. Nobody talks about the election, there are no signs, NUTHIN! I wanted to steal me an Obama for change yard sign and there was not one to be seen!!! Here I was leaving you messages Paz over at Ellie's that if I got arrested for stealing a sign, I might have to put in some calls to my USA buds to come bail me out. I should have got your guys addresses too...I mailed Ellie a postcard.

I did get myself and a friend a nifty Obama for Change keychain at good ole 7\11 on the strip. LOL was the dirtiest 7\11 I have ever been in, but kind of cool how i could have botten alcohol instead of a bottle of cranberry juice had i wanted too! :-)

I had soooo much fun, met all kinds of people. A couple from texas told me I was an absolute delight and to come look them up in Texas so they could show me some southern hospitality. Met people from Austraila, England and some very nice brown sugar men from South Carolina. My hubby kept telling me to "stop talking to strangers"...but I can't help being me!!!

Got a little drunk down at Fremont Experience, they sell these big plastic bongs filled with Long Island Ice tea for 10 bucks....well holy!! 4 sucks on that bong and I was half corked.
Saw 2 men walk by with Obama shirts on and yelled at them and we started talking and then i asked the one to pose with me in a pic and he happily obliged.

Hope life has been extra good for you guys. Wooz, you are 18 now...how does that feel? Where did you end up going to school?

Paz..how's the family...any siblings on the way for your sweetest little girl yet?

and my most favourite holiday is coming up...HALLOWEEN...my annual party is this Sat. I am UBER excited. Bought a ton of shit down in Vegas for halloween. This year I am going as a Cheetah cat. How bought you guys...do you have your Halloween on this year?

Tue Oct 21, 09:52:00 AM

Blogger Nicole said...

I think I just read in the post below that you have promised me a "spanking" LOL

well...if it includes the feathers and the maple syrup..I already have my butt assuming the position! ;-)

Tue Oct 21, 10:02:00 AM

Blogger paz y amor said...

Nic, I'm happy to oblige, ESPECIALLY since you got out the bed half nekkid to visit. It's the least I can do! :)

No little siblings for the little one yet. She's a handful all on her own so she might have to be the only for a while. Everyone is well and I'm glad you're doing alright yourself, despite the cameo appearances and teenage hellions. Vegas is nice and all but when are you gonna visit us in Atlanta?

Wed Oct 22, 05:58:00 PM

Blogger Nicole said...

Someday I'll come visit, but you & Michelle should go to Vegas sometime. It is so much fun!

I met so many different people and I had a great time every day, no matter what we did!

who knows...maybe what happens in Vegas, WON't stay in Vegas...and Juicy will become a big sis! haha

Happy Halloween as well!

Are you dressing her up?

My Girl is going as a Candy Corn Witch and I am going as a Cheetah cat. :-)

Fri Oct 31, 07:19:00 AM

Blogger Woozie said...

o hai guise wats goin on in here

Tue Nov 11, 11:06:00 AM


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