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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Bend it Like Bush

You know, I try HARD to keep this blog apolitical. It just doesn't seem worth the effort to bitch and moan about politics and/or politicians simply because I'd bitch and moan ALL THE TIME- and who likes to do that? Definitely, not me. Democrat/Republican, they're all the same corrupt asshole shitting on us- one just wears blue, and the other solicits sex from men in airport bathrooms. Today though I have to get my anti-G.W.Bush rant on. It's about that time. I just read an article that the Bu(ll)sh(it) Administration is making efforts to dissuade congress from passing a bill that recognizes Turkey's role in a WWI-era genocide of Armenians. Apparently the Turks don't want to admit that they massacred up to 1.5 million people 80 something years ago and are telling Bush and his cronies that there will be hell to pay if Congress decides to move the legislation forward. As you can imagine, this puts the US in a sticky situation since a lot of fuel and cargo bound for Iraq are shipped through Turkey.

So this got me thinking- how many times over the last 6.5 years have we been at this point? Again, we have a president boldly and overtly bending the truth to suit specific aims, regardless of the message it sends, or the obvious hypocrisy. What's funny to me is that there's irony all over the place here. Of the various "rationales" used to invade Iraq in the first place (WMD's, 9/11, Iraqi freedom, Rumsfeld's obscene flatulence, Condi's horrendous hemmoroids)- the one people at Fox"news" and conservative talk radio like to harp on most, is the fact that Saddam's regime killed a bunch of Kurds in the 80's. "The brutal dictator needs to go" they said. No one mentions the fact that many of those weapons dropped on Kurdish heads were stamped "Made in the USA". But here's the kicker. According to this ridiculous line of thought, Saddam killing thousands of Kurds in Iraq is genocide and worthy of rebuke, but Turks killing 1.5 million Armenians during WWI isn't. Does genocide have a statute of limitations or something? I must have been sleeping during that lesson in World History...

Is it me or is this Turk dressing up as Adolph Hitler for Halloween? Well, I guess that resolves the Armenian genocide debate for me!

Well, I just found out that the Congrssional Foreign Affairs Committee just passed the resolution and Turkey is calling home their ambassador in protest. Oh well. I'm sure he'll be back and still in denial about his country's brutal history. It must be nice to have the role of picking and choosing how history should be written- you always come out squeaky clean and the folks you shit on come out to be the villians. How much does it cost to join that country club? I've got some of my OWN history to rewrite.