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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Seven Years Too Late, Dickhead

I have never been fond of the current president.... or his administration....or his policies...or his voice for that matter. In this politically charged year, it seems our dear, sad, ignorant leader in charge has been sidelined in the media by the newcomers Obama and McCain- not like he's got many interesting things to say in the first place, but still, I find it odd that he's rarely seen or thought of these days. I mean he IS afterall still the "president" right? Today people along the Gulf Coast are preparing for a surprise attack from a newly Communist Russia- Codename:Gustav. Call it the first strike of the new Cold War. Instead of the president heading to Minnesota for the Republican convention- which he's supposed to do as the defacto Head Republican In Charge, he's found it necessary to stay in TEXAS to "monitor the [red] storm" churning in the Gulf of Mexico. Talk about an act of GOD! How convenient is it for him to "opt out" of the convention making it just that much easier for McCain, sexy Ms. VP hopeful Sarah Palin and the rest of the Republican Party to distance themselves from Bush and his asinine policies. NOW he wants to act presidential. NOW he wants to show what a good leader he can be. NOW he wants to show his compassion for American citizens.

I'm sure there were a lot of people within party ranks who tried to make sure the president's invitation to the convention got lost somewhere in the mail, but the Russian storm just gave them an all-out excuse to exclude him altogether. Nice.

My question is this: What the fuck can he do from Texas that he can't do from Minnesota?

Answer: the same bullshit he's been doing for the last 7.5 years....nothing.