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Friday, September 07, 2007

Where's Waldo bin Laden

Alright, I have to make a confession.

I'm done with this "Hunt for bin Laden" bullshit.

Now some mouths may be agape due to my statement, but I have a very good rationale. Today, the newest video of Osama bin Laden surfaced and he apparently makes references to recent events in Iraq that would lend validity to it being authentic. But here's my issue:

The picture on the left was taken from a video that came out in 2004. The picture on the right was from the video released today. First off, where the FUCK do you buy Just for Men hair dye if you're hiding in the mountains of Pakistan? Secondly, he's wearing the same EXACT clothes from three years ago, sitting in front of the same shit brown background. Coincidence or conspiracy, you be the judge. Personally, I don't think it's the same person, just an ugly ass lookalike, but that's just me. Thirdly, it's the run up to another election year so could it be that some jackass suit in D.C. is trying to scare us into voting in another Republican based on the "war on terror"? WOOZIE are you using photoshop again? These darn kids, you gotta love 'em.