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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Why ask why?

Alright, these meme things are interesting to read (sometimes) but much more difficult to write. I don't do them often so I'll indulge my dear brother from another mother ("Kiyotoe" aka "The Dragon" aka "Jersey Slim Steeringwheel") who tagged me to explain 5 of my rationales for blogging.

a. It's my outlet. I used to play in bands to help deal with life's frustrations. Playing music seems to calm my nerves quite a bit and being a teacher frays those nerves more than any other job in the entire fucking world! Since bands can be fickle and bandmates unreliable, (and the fact that I have a cute 11 month old now) that's no longer such a viable option so I've turned to blogging....it was either that or become an alcoholic.

b. I'm a voyeur. Have you ever been to a party where two people (or ten) got naked and started having sex right in front of your eyes? Don't lie! It disgusts you to no end watching these bodies rub and hump on each other, but you can't turn your head and continue talking about car parts with all the commotion going on can you? You have to WATCH. Blogging is just like that. People allow you into their lives for a small sample of what it's like in their brains- and those with the most interesting positions are the ones you keep your eyes on.

c. I'm an exhibitionist (sorta). They say flashers walk around in overcoats because they get a rush from other people's reactions when they show off their goodies. Well, I'm pretty modest about my goodies, but whoever thought up the idea for allowing people to comment about what you write in your own blog is a genius! I like hearing what people have to say about me and my thoughts. Maybe it's my usually subtle egocentrism coming out a little bit, or maybe I am like that flasher wanting to see how other people react to the things I say. As humble as I may be, I would like to go streaking one day....

d. It's my platform. I used to LOVE creative writing in school but I always felt limited to what I could say for fear of a verbal reprimand from my teachers. These days, writing the wrong thing in school can get you arrested (Hello? First Amendment? Where are you?). Blogging allows me to display my witty, opinionated, judgemental, compaintive, comedic side that I never knew I had- and I can add the most grotesque pictures to accentuate the point if I want (mwaaa ha ha ha ha!!!!) They would NEVER have let me put up a photo of old naked people in my term papers- no one can stop me now!!!

e. I get bored easily. Not many things keep my interest long, but there are so many interesting stories to be read that it's hard NOT to stay interested. I'll stay after school sometimes and read/comment/respond for a couple hours! I know it's bad, but it can't be helped. I'm seeking therapy. My sister calls me "Blogalicious" because of my infatuation with the blog world, but I know of someone who has connected her phone to her blog so it'll inform her when she gets a comment. I may have an addiction, but that's just sick!