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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Why ask why?

Alright, these meme things are interesting to read (sometimes) but much more difficult to write. I don't do them often so I'll indulge my dear brother from another mother ("Kiyotoe" aka "The Dragon" aka "Jersey Slim Steeringwheel") who tagged me to explain 5 of my rationales for blogging.

a. It's my outlet. I used to play in bands to help deal with life's frustrations. Playing music seems to calm my nerves quite a bit and being a teacher frays those nerves more than any other job in the entire fucking world! Since bands can be fickle and bandmates unreliable, (and the fact that I have a cute 11 month old now) that's no longer such a viable option so I've turned to blogging....it was either that or become an alcoholic.

b. I'm a voyeur. Have you ever been to a party where two people (or ten) got naked and started having sex right in front of your eyes? Don't lie! It disgusts you to no end watching these bodies rub and hump on each other, but you can't turn your head and continue talking about car parts with all the commotion going on can you? You have to WATCH. Blogging is just like that. People allow you into their lives for a small sample of what it's like in their brains- and those with the most interesting positions are the ones you keep your eyes on.

c. I'm an exhibitionist (sorta). They say flashers walk around in overcoats because they get a rush from other people's reactions when they show off their goodies. Well, I'm pretty modest about my goodies, but whoever thought up the idea for allowing people to comment about what you write in your own blog is a genius! I like hearing what people have to say about me and my thoughts. Maybe it's my usually subtle egocentrism coming out a little bit, or maybe I am like that flasher wanting to see how other people react to the things I say. As humble as I may be, I would like to go streaking one day....

d. It's my platform. I used to LOVE creative writing in school but I always felt limited to what I could say for fear of a verbal reprimand from my teachers. These days, writing the wrong thing in school can get you arrested (Hello? First Amendment? Where are you?). Blogging allows me to display my witty, opinionated, judgemental, compaintive, comedic side that I never knew I had- and I can add the most grotesque pictures to accentuate the point if I want (mwaaa ha ha ha ha!!!!) They would NEVER have let me put up a photo of old naked people in my term papers- no one can stop me now!!!

e. I get bored easily. Not many things keep my interest long, but there are so many interesting stories to be read that it's hard NOT to stay interested. I'll stay after school sometimes and read/comment/respond for a couple hours! I know it's bad, but it can't be helped. I'm seeking therapy. My sister calls me "Blogalicious" because of my infatuation with the blog world, but I know of someone who has connected her phone to her blog so it'll inform her when she gets a comment. I may have an addiction, but that's just sick!


Blogger Anne said...

Wow, those are some creative (and somewhat disturbing) reasons to blog. Glad you're here though.

Wed May 23, 11:09:00 AM

Blogger Kiyotoe said...

Oooooh....I'm tellin'! I know who you're talking about and now you're gonna get SHOT!!! lol.

good answers chief.

Wed May 23, 02:50:00 PM

Blogger Woozie said...

Jersey Slim Steeringwheel?

Wed May 23, 06:51:00 PM

Anonymous pigeontoes said...

ha! i know you well. none of these surprised me.

Wed May 23, 07:24:00 PM

Blogger paz y amor said...

Anne- you've find I'm more disturbed behind the mask of a computer monitor, but in person I'm a pretty mellow guy!

Kiy- Tell if you want, but you might be sicker than her- in your own way of course. Besides, she wouldn't leave Juicy without a daddy would she? Would she?

Woozie- Only a carjacker from the Garden State would understand the reference

Ptoes- it's only natural. You've known me longer than damn near ANYONE. Any leads on the notebook?

Wed May 23, 08:05:00 PM

Blogger ambandenva2 said...


Fantastic and fair enough. Although, I don't think I will be going to any parties with you anytime soon. I have never, ever been to a party where people just go nekkid and grimy in front of everyone, but then again I wasn't invited to all the C.A. parties. LOL. Oh and you need to hurry with the phone thing. I have lotsa pictures to share. At least your phone gets pics though, my mom doesn't even have a color screen. LOL.

In my wheelchair on high,

Ms. Denva


I am almost on crutches. :-) YAAAAAY!!

Thu May 24, 09:38:00 AM

Blogger Nicole said...

oh goody..this was a good post. I'll be back tomorrow when I have more time!

Thu May 24, 03:12:00 PM

Blogger Kiyotoe said...

i heard that...........

Thu May 24, 03:47:00 PM

Blogger notfearingchange said...

yep i agree with all of them....although you may consider having sex with a mirror - that would allow you to be a voyeur and an exhibitionist in one go...just a thought.

Thu May 24, 04:30:00 PM

Blogger Nicole said...

kiyotoe, are you teasing me???

Paz...this post made me laugh my ass off...and I agree with everything you said. Except the naked people doing it. THAT hasn't happened at any of my house parties...yet...:)
Blogging is a way of watching peoples lives...almost like we are at a movie. I know I blog with my heart on my sleeve and sometimes get too personal...without spilling too many details.

What has amazed me the most, is how actual strangers have affected my life. Jay and I have never met in person and met on the blogs last August and I am so close to him and love him like a brother.
Have you ever been surprised at how tickled you were to check out your comments and see one from a person you don't actually "know" but call a dear friend?

On the upside of that, I have also come across bloggers that I cringe when I see their avatar pop up. But such is life...gotta take the good with the bad! :)

Kudos on the most excellent post..I look forward to more!

Ps. did you know that Kiyotoe and I have something in common? We both heart Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson, but admittedly for different reasons!! lol

Thu May 24, 07:12:00 PM

Blogger Nicole said...

Hey I went thru one of your archives...the OLD at 30 one!!!

and I just turned 37 BUB!!!

I did leave you a comment on it though!! ;-)

Fri May 25, 07:59:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

did u leave pervert off that list??? i have my own thoughts on people who live in blog world, they are kind of like people who watched flava flav.......hmmmmmm

Fri May 25, 08:16:00 AM

Blogger paz y amor said...

Ambs- You know how they throw parties in Southern Cal, don't front! I've seen your parties on the internet. 2 Live Crew would be proud :)

NFC- Bumping uglies in the mirror is cool indeed, but it's always weird watching your own porn flick play out live in front of you. Besides, I see myself naked everyday, how much fun is that?!?!

Nicole- Let's just say I was invited to a party, and when I got there, I found it wasn't a "party" at all. I'm sure if you're anything like me, you'd be watching too! What I find most interesting is actually reading the blogs of people I DO know personally. There are things about Ambs, Kiyotoe, P-toes, the Counselor and a bunch of others that I never would have known otherwise. But I do agree with you, I feel like I have made some great connections with complete strangers and it's a beautiful thing! I want to plan a road trip to meet all my favorite bloggers one day....

Fri May 25, 08:57:00 AM

Blogger paz y amor said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Fri May 25, 08:58:00 AM

Blogger paz y amor said...


I just LOVE retroactive comments! It seems that I always find a typo when I go back and visit an old post.

Fri May 25, 09:25:00 AM

Blogger Nicole said...

well if you are ever out on your road trip and end up in my area, give me a head's up...I'll have to give my wrists a warm up for the nipple twist...plus I'll plan a BBQ or something!! :)

I always think of bloggers that you share more then a comment with as all of us tripping over each other in a big coffee house...wanting to add our $0.02 in!!
It would be really interesting to someday share our worlds with all of our favourite bloggers.
Maybe someday there will be a bloggers convention!! lol

oh yeah, as for that party you were invited to...I think maybe you were invited for a reason..lol
and hell yeah I'd watch...I'd even pop the corn!!! ;-)

Fri May 25, 10:44:00 AM

Blogger paz y amor said...


I just LOVE some good BBQ! I'll bring the beans. That sounds quite nice and I'd definitely let you know when I'm on the way to the great neighbor up north. Do nipple twists hurt more in the cold Canadian air?

As far as the party, popcorn is indeed a tasty snack, but I don't think that is what I'd want to eat in the middle of a party like that....

Sun May 27, 04:13:00 PM

Blogger Nicole said...

Paz...maybe I don't want to know what you'd be more inclined to eat at one of those parties!! lol

well, I guess it all depends on the time of year...if you drop by in Winter, sometimes it's -40 with the wind chill...but good weather for nipple twists, because, well, obviously with the "nip" in the air, it brings out other nips...lol

But in Summer, we have quite lovely weather...sometimes it's +40 with the humidity...so sometimes that makes for sweaty nipples. :)

ps. Instead of the beans, bring some unusual American beer. & we'll do steaks on our firepit...my hubby cooks the best steaks EVER!!! :)

Mon May 28, 07:40:00 AM

Blogger Kiyotoe said...

Dear Nicole and Paz: please get a room or exchange e-mail adresses....

just kidding, just kidding.



Mon May 28, 10:19:00 AM

Blogger Nicole said...

Paz..I think Kiyotoe may be jealous... since I gather you two know each other in RL, maybe give him a nipple yank for me...just lift up his CAN YOU SMELL WHAT THE ROCK IS A-COOKIN sleep shirt and show his leftie some love!!! ;-)

Mon May 28, 11:10:00 AM

Blogger Woozie said...


What? No, I don't believe I can smell what The Rock is cookin. What? I said I don't smell it. What?

Stone Cold can't smell what some six-foot-two What? 275 pound What? walking piece What? of Miami beach trash What? is cookin! What?

I'll tell you what Stone Cold does smell though. What? Stone Cold smells some beer. What? Stone Cold smells some of good ol' JR's Oklahoma barbecue. What? Some ribs! What? A double cheeseburger! What? A couple'a hot dogs! What? Some more ribs! What? Some more beer! What?

You know, What? all that is good and well, What? but the matter at hand is this. What? Stone Cold Steve Austin does not smell what the Rock is cookin. What? He doesn't, What? he didn't, What? and he never will. What? And do you know why? What?

Because Stone Cold is greater than the Rock could ever dream of being. What?

And that's the bottom line...


...because Stone Cold Said So!

(Glass shatters.)

Mon May 28, 12:12:00 PM

Blogger paz y amor said...


Ha! I knew I'd get a little shock value out of that one! Hopefully I won't be shocked and have your husband knocking on my door one day. Just to clarify, Kiyotoe is my brother from another mother and he gets jealous of me quite often, he just doesn't like to admit it! :)

Kiyo- Yo man, what are you doing tomorrow, Nic wants me to deliver something to you personally.....

Woozie- I think you've been watching too much WWE, but let me tell you how far back me and Steve Austin go. Before becoming "Stone Cold", he was "Stunning" Steve Austin and had a head full of hair. He USED to wrestle for NWA (not the rappers from Compton dammit!) before it became WCW. Boy, you were still in diapers when all this went down weren't ya!

Mon May 28, 07:19:00 PM

Blogger paz y amor said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

Mon May 28, 07:19:00 PM

Blogger Nicole said...


lol, why would my husband come a-knocking at your door??? You weren't planning on retaliating with a nipple twist of your own were ya? ( HOW RUDE!!! lol ;-)

I figured as much about you and Kiyotoe...our "siblings" that we adopt as adults usually make some of the best family members, don't they!!

Tue May 29, 08:20:00 AM

Blogger Nicole said...

ps...just ignore Wooz...we ALL know he has a life size poster of The Rock hanging up in his bedroom!! ;-)

Tue May 29, 08:21:00 AM

Blogger paz y amor said...

Nic- OK I'm BUSTED! Just kidding. I wasn't even thinking about a retaliatory twist of my own until you said something about it! I would've just taken one for the team.

Tue May 29, 04:46:00 PM

Blogger Woozie said...

Oh I know about Stunning Steve Austin. For a little bit there he was tag team partners with Brian Pillman as The Hollywood Blonds, and after Steve broke his arm (I believe) and got fired over the phone, he jumped to ECW for a bit where mainly all he did was learn how to cut promos.

Then when he jumped to the WWF they teamed him with Ted DiBiase as The Ringmaster. That gimmick sucked, and Steve saw some TV special on a cold serial killer and wanted a character loosely based on that. The creative team came up with stupid crap like "Chilly McFreeze" and "Ice Dagger" so Steve was forced to think of something on his own. While brainstorming, his wife (Jeannie) brought him a cup of tea and she told him to drink it before it got "Stone Cold". And a legend was born.

See? Mister Negro knows his stuff.


Tue May 29, 05:13:00 PM

Blogger eyechan said...

none taken (re: the previous post). nice flasher analogy:)

Wed May 30, 03:31:00 AM


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