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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Quote of the day

An nine year old kid is on the computer at the library and he says to his mother:

"I'll be off in a second! I love this game. You get to kill and there's blood 'n stuff!

I believe the children are our future...


Blogger Woozie said...

Um...how old was he?

Wed Apr 04, 06:13:00 PM

Blogger ambandenva2 said...


Was that before or after I met you at the library. How crazy is that? I told you these kids were nuts.

Ms. Denva

the 5280 Princess

"Act like you know."

Wed Apr 04, 08:06:00 PM

Blogger Kiyotoe said...

he was probably 5 or 6. Bad ass kids. But i seem to know someone that heavily influences our youth and this person LOVES shoot 'em up games too.


Thu Apr 05, 04:54:00 PM

Blogger paz y amor said...

Kiyo- There's irony all over the place isn't it!

Ambs- You were playing with Juicy building legos when it went down. I just had to write it down!

Wooz- He was NINE! What have we become?!?!

Sat Apr 07, 03:48:00 PM

Blogger ambandenva2 said...

Leggos are the bomb. I must get a set for Juicy so that we can build a princess castle. Auntie Denva is on the way juicykins. :-)

Thu Apr 12, 07:59:00 PM

Blogger Ellie said...

are a product of their parents nurture.

Mon Apr 16, 06:25:00 AM

Blogger paz y amor said...

Yeah, I guess the students at Virginia Tech have seen that first hand today. What the hell is wrong with people?!?!

Mon Apr 16, 11:41:00 AM


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