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Monday, December 25, 2006


I've had a bit of writer's block lately, but considering the fact that I'm officially on Winter Break, I have no excuses. So here's your week in What the Fuck?

The immortal Godfather of Soul died today.

'Nuff said.


Anonymous pigeontoes said...

nuff said indeed, paz. remember the tape we had with miles, stevie, and james? new orleans?midtown with the blanket/poncho?

Tue Dec 26, 07:02:00 AM

Blogger Kiyotoe said...

Damn JB. I remember when i was a little kid, me and Pops would do James Brown concerts, lip synching to his various hits while performing our own dance routine for mom, grandma, etc. Not to mention we were born on the same day. (Different year of course).

R.I.P. Godfather.........

Tue Dec 26, 10:57:00 AM

Blogger paz y amor said...

PT- of course! One of the best road trips EVER! Everytime I go down 10th street I think about how much fun Midtown was. Now instead of a park, it's a huge building. Sad.

Kiyo- Amazing little coincidence. Guess who's born on my b-day. Mighty Marvin Gaye- another one taken too soon.

Tue Dec 26, 11:56:00 AM

Blogger Woozie said...

Hmm, the only people I got on my birthday are Jerry Lee Lewis and some Roman politican. It's so exciting!

Tue Dec 26, 02:43:00 PM

Anonymous deslily said...

haveing a chat with kiyotoe in email and he pointed out that the photo i said looks like he has some devil in his eyes is you! He said I should mention that he agreed and to tell you so!..

I'm not sure how much I would learn from a teacher that looked like he was about to pull a prank at any moment on me lol..

btw.. you can delete this after you read it if you don't want anyone knowing of your picture.. you just don't have an email address on your profile or I would have emailed you.

Thu Dec 28, 12:29:00 PM

Blogger Sarge Charlie said...

Thank you Mr. Paz, I was sincere in my apology, you are right I had the facts wrong. You are also right, Spring Break is the same, wherever it is............

James Brown, how many times have I heard him say “Please, Please, Please” He is the Godfather. Speaking of black artist, I loved Ray Charles, and Fats Domino. Fats played the NCO Club on Ft Huachuca, Az in 1965, I was tending bar as served him a drink, scotch on the rocks. Strange the things you remember when you reminisce. I remember him bouncing his piano across the stage, good stuff.

They just don’t make music like that anymore, I am not into the new stuff.

The old sarge

Fri Dec 29, 09:21:00 AM

Blogger Sarge Charlie said...

You know Paz, I do not know how I forgot Satchmo, he was my all time favorite black artist, “It’s a Wonderful World”, my favorite....

Fri Dec 29, 09:49:00 AM

Blogger Rach said...

Kiyotoe sold you out...I like your blog. :)

Fri Dec 29, 11:32:00 AM

Anonymous micki said...

Welcome back Paz;wish it could have been triggered by better circumstances; The Godfather is a Legend; without him: no Michael Jackson, RAP Gangsta.Soft.Other., Black Power Movement ("Say It Loud. I'm Black and I'm Proud"). A cultural Icon. I shall truly miss the Essence of him; like I miss the Presence of Bradley on 60 Minutes. I could go on but our Idols/Icons are disappearing physically, so now we must keep them ALIVE in our hearts, history, oral history: Speak Their Names. Happy New Year! Love You, mick

Wed Jan 03, 03:35:00 PM

Blogger mimi said...

P.S. I forgot I saw one of the memorials for The Godfather of Soul and it was incredible. Not just celebrities your everyday man and woman stood in a line 4-5 city blocks long just to pay homage. When interviewed, several people had very interesting accounts to recall: 1 man said whenever JB played the Apollo, he'd give money to some of those waiting in line who wouldn't get in;when Dr. MLK was assassinated, he diverted an inevitable riot brewing. OH YEAH, God Rest His Soul,he was the man. And while we're saying who we share a birthdate with mine August 2 is my idol/mentor James Baldwin. Happy New Year! Love & Peace, micki

Sun Jan 07, 07:14:00 PM


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