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Saturday, March 24, 2007

Only FIVE?!?!

I hate limits. They are so confining and tiresome, but alas, I'll abide by the rules. That being said, I was tagged by Woozie- a "kid" who writes like he's a grumpily intelligent 40 year old and pretends to be in high school. There's STILL a small part of my brain that believes that every now and then he writes a post about AP Psychology and pre- semester registration just to keep up his ruse. Of course he would have been on this list of five had I got to him first, but don't listen to me, read it for yourself. Sick, twisted and beautiful all at the same time. Anyway, this post is supposed to be about five bloggers who make me think. It would be easy (and justified) for me just to simply write, "ALL these fools!" and end it because anyone whose blog I read on the regular keeps me interested by forcing me to pick apart my brain and wonder about humanity. So here we go...and make sure you read what these folks have to say because I think they're far more intriguing than I.

Thoughts: written by my girl Conchetta who I've known since the third grade. It's a rare day that she writes, but when she does, hold on to your hat because she's too profound for words.

Blackett the First: An interesting cat from Darlington, U.K. he's actually got TWO places to check out. The first is written commentary about the ills of the world, the second is commentary on a much more personal level, one that beautifully walks the fine line between egocentrism and introspection. Why else would each post feature a different version of his pretty mug shot and a short tag line. Genius.

Not Fearing Change: One of my favorite lines in The Virgin Suicides was, "Obviously, Doctor you've never been a fourteen year old girl." Though I'll never know what it's like to go through all the trials and tribulations of teenage girls or WOMEN for that matter, she opens the door a bit for those of us with outies instead of innies (I ain't talking navels here...)

Petunia: Considering the fact that my once near-fluent Spanish isnow in a near state of atrophy, I love the notion that she writes her posts in both Spanish and English- though I'm sure she does it to cater to her Spanish-speaking friends/relatives who don't speak English rather than el gringo negro (me) who is trying to shape up on his Spanish. I first try translating the Spanish version and whatever words I can't translate right away, I find them in the English version and add them to my vocabulary. Nerdy I know, so what.

and last, but certainly not least

Pigeontoes: This cat has been keeping me honest since middle school. He keeps his posts short and sweet and relishes the beautiful simplicities of life. What more could you ask for.

Now go forth and multiply.


Blogger notfearingchange said...

thank you...I like the Virgin Suicides quote...

crap does that mean i've been meme'd again...ccrrraaaapppp...lol
Ok will get on it!

Sun Mar 25, 11:49:00 AM

Blogger Kiyotoe said...

So i don't make you think brotha? Me? The Dragon?

Guess I'll go check out the people that do. Chetta and J, I'm already well aware of though. Sometimes Chetta makes me think too hard though, makes my head hurt.

Sun Mar 25, 08:53:00 PM

Anonymous pigeontoes said...

thanks, big man. you make me want keep posting. and thanks (ahead of time) for giving me some time on the meme....you know, time is time.

Thu Mar 29, 03:33:00 PM

Blogger paz y amor said...

Indeed, time is time and take all of it that you need!

Fri Mar 30, 04:43:00 AM

Blogger Rock said...

Paz, well, I've seen this exercise done on other blogs, and it's very useful. It again gives honor to the great people who are blogging for nothing more than adding something wise or beautiful or funny to the universe. I am a big capitalist, but the blogosphere for the most part is hardly commercial. People do it for self-expression, much like the beatniks in the 50's and the poetry clubs that have sprung from hip-hop now. It does help make the world a better place, a more thoughtful place. It adds beauty, and wit, and enjoyment.

I'm silly enough to imagine that it might one day even help with world peace. The day when terrorists start blogging and interacting with the world, will be the day when dialogue might start to replace guns.

Keep up the good work.

Truth—The No Spin Politically Incorrect Zone

Fri Mar 30, 04:48:00 AM


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