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Friday, September 14, 2007


Alright kiddies, it's all about crime this week!

The Sausage Prison Riots

You know, as I teacher I see ungrateful children all the time. "Mr. Rahmaan, can I have this? Mr. Rahmaan can I have that?" My usual answer is "NO!! Get your hands away from my lunch you germ having stinkpot!" They look at me with disdain and mope back to their seats and wish that my hair would fall out. I can appreciate their selfishness, because they're kids afterall, they're supposed to look out for themselves! But prison inmates on the other hand have no excuse! Last night, a riot broke out in a New Mexico prison because inmates were told they'd only be able to get one dinner sausage instead of two. What the fuck! Besides the fact that a phallic sausage has no place in prison, (for obvious reasons) prisoners have no reason to bitch about ANYTHING. They committed a crime, got sent to lock up, receive three square meals a day, A/C in the summer, heat in the winter, hot showers, soft comfy shoes and cotton clothes to dress in- all FOR FREE! What balls these guys have! That's like slapping your mother in the face, and then asking her "What's for dinner?" and then getting mad when she says, "Eat shit and die!" Fuck them, their soap droppin' "girlfriends" and their pork sausages. (I mean that figuratively of course.)


You would think that after getting aquitted for killing his ex-wife, then sued for everything he has (including a Heisman trophy), and then having all rights to his book about how he "would" have killed her given to his victims' families, he'd want stay out the limelight until, oh I don't know DEATH maybe. But NO, not OJ Simpson. Now he's a suspect in a Vegas robbery where he and four guys allegedly robbed a guy at gunpoint. His rationale: The guy stole some of his memorabilia and he was taking it back to give it to his kids. What the fuck. Apparently, he got a tip from someone that this guy had stolen his belongings and were about to sell it hoping to make tens of thousands of dollars. So OJ takes it upon himself to set up a "sting operation" and bust in on the guy. Well the sting worked, and OJ might be the one going to jail. Usually if you find out someone stole you shit, you call the cops and let them take care of it. Maybe OJ was afraid that if he called 911, the cops might instead laugh in his face. You know, maybe they would have....

Little Girl Lost

As the whole world watched (except me of course), Brittney Spears made a "comeback" on VH-1 -or was it MTV? Who gives a shit. Anyway, her dance routine sucked, her lip synch was off and the world is shocked. What the fuck. Why is this news? What was everyone expecting? The girl's been on drugs, in rehab, had a nervous breakdown, cut her hair off, fucked two massive clydesdales and now they expect a breakthrough performance. Get the fuck outta here. Now you may ask, "I thought this was about crime?" Well, what's criminal is how the brainiac execs used Brittney to draw people to their lame ass, whack ass, talentless awards show. Sad, sad, sad.


Blogger Nicole said...

I agree on everything.

I also want to add how after that show ( which I also did not watch) the next day some show did a "talk to the passerbys" and questioned people about Britney's shape. I got a very good chuckle over all these old FAT white men saying how Britney wasn't in shape and had a big tummy, when the guy should look in the mirror and be told that there already is a SANTA.

ok...just my Sat. morning rant before we head off to kraut skool. :)

Hope you have been well and give that sweet baby girl a big kiss!!!

Sat Sep 15, 07:38:00 AM

Blogger eyechan said...

entertaining as always Paz. im with you on the Bin Laden thing. i dont think it looks like him either.

Sat Sep 15, 09:28:00 AM

Blogger paz y amor said...

The irony is RAMPANT in the whole fiasco! For years I bitched about how much I hated her music but I actually feel bad for her. The baby got a kiss for you, then she asked for breakfast! :)

There's definitely something fishy going on with those pics! Either people are oblivious to it or they don't realize that all Arab men DON'T look alike

Sun Sep 16, 05:15:00 AM

Blogger Woozie said...

So the sumbitch looks like a totally different person because his beard is shorter and all black?

Sun Sep 16, 01:07:00 PM

Blogger paz y amor said...


Nope, he just looks like a completely different person to me and beard color has nil to do with it. The "bin Laden" on the right has flared nostrils, a thinner forehead and his eyes are a bit different. Fishy I tell you....

Mon Sep 17, 04:48:00 AM

Anonymous Slick said...

Paz! We got the same opinion on everything...

Who gives a shit about a prisoner's rights? He didn't want'em and gave them up the second he committed a crime bad enough to place himself there.

As far as Brittany? I'd still hit it...any day of the week.

I don't give a shit about OJ

Mon Sep 17, 11:36:00 AM

Blogger Nicole said...

Now I just want to clarify that I was agreeing that prisoners have nothing to bitch about regarding a suasage or 2, but as for their "rights" now that is a different story.
Getting an extra sausage is a whole hell of alot different then being denied other rights.
Yes, most prisoners have done atrocious things, but they are still humans. If we in turn treat them like they are worthless, IMO, we are no better then the criminals.
Some of these inmates are basically kids who if we face facts, probably didn't have a chance at the get go.
I am probably rambling on here but i just don't want to be lumped in with the notion that if you are in jail, you deserve every treatment that comes your way.

Really instead of not giving a shit about these people and having the attitude of locking them up and throwing away the key, we should be feeling some pity and saddness over the failings of society and I also can't help but wonder how a person could become so lost along the way.

just my $.02 of the day, Paz!!!

hey...remember PEACE and LOVE, baby!

Wed Sep 19, 10:05:00 AM

Blogger paz y amor said...


I agree with you in some aspects, especially that prisoners do need to be treated with some dignity. However, I have a major problem with the fact that criminals in prison often have it better than poorer law-abiding citizens in the sense that they are given food, clothes and shelter after committing crimes- at tax payer expense.

Secondly, prisons aren't the rehabilitating places they are supposed to be. If prisons in the US were more like the prisons in Siberia, people would be deterred from committing crimes for FEAR of being locked up. I'm not saying prison is a nice place to be, BUT it's a walk in the park compared to how it should be in my opinion. There's a sheriff (Joe Arpaio- a complete hardass) in Arizona who houses prisoners outside in a tent city rather than inside (among other things) and it's not surprising that his jail has the country's lowest riscividism rate.

There are many social issues to tackle in order to combat the criminality, and my saying has always been, "Build more schools, build fewer prisons"- but it seems that there's never money to be found to pay for more teachers. Just goes to show where our priorities are.

You know I always love an extra $.02 when you have it!

Wed Sep 19, 01:47:00 PM

Blogger Nicole said...

I see what you are saying and point taken.

However, when you see poor people and beggars on the street, do you not feel sympathy? These people are still humans, that have somehow gotten lost along the way. I once read a study that found the majority of homeless people are people that have mental issues.
How sad is that, that people with actual diseases fall thru the cracks.

This brings me to the prison issue.
There is a horrible man here in Canada...Robert Pickton. He is awaiting trial but is the worst serial killer Canada has known due to the murders of over 50 women....most of them young, drug addicted prostitutes,of First Nations descent. the most vulnerable of prostitutes as they are desperate for money to get their next fix. This man would pick these women up off the streets of E.Hastings in downtown Vancouver ( my 2nd favourite Canadian city....where I just went on holidays in August) to "party" and take them back to his pig farm. He then got them high, raped, tortured them and then butchered them and fed some of them to the pigs.
To me this man is pure evil. Would I be happy to hear of him getting "just desserts" in prison. Actually no. Because everytime I hear of a person mistreating another person it makes me sad Paz. Very sad. It fills my heart up with such a saddness that I can't even describe it. How can we treat one another so horribly.

Every one of us was somebody's sweet precious baby and I have hope that every single one of us is special to another. So as easy as it is to forget that the people in prisons are actual people, have actual feelings, desires, hopes and dreams, I hope that some of us can remember that, and not just see them as the criminals and monsters that society sees them as.

If a kid is molested and abused and grows up and rapes someone, it is still wrong. But I have sympathy for that vulnerable little kid who had no chance from the get-go. That is my point.
There can be all kinds of prisons that are so tough that they deter people from crime. But if that is all you know and you end up in a place that treats you like scum, don't you think it makes you "harder".
One of my favourite shows Gridiron Gang ( and not just because my pretend boyfriend Dwayne J is in it) shows the difference that can be made. How many prisoners are young kids who got into trouble in the first place because it was their only way of coping an dsurviving on the outside?

all right enough of me...what do you gotta say to all this now??? :)

ps. See commercials for the Rock's new movie? I can't wait...it looks sooo cute!! The Rock and a show with a cute dog and a cute kid in it...how can you go wrong???

Been nice having "coffee" with you Paz!!!

Thu Sep 20, 01:46:00 PM

Blogger paz y amor said...


Of course I feel sympathy and I will give them food or even buy some for them if I'm at the store. What bugs me though is when I offer food and they refuse it and vehemently ask for money. That's the quickest way to lose my sympathy and tell them to take a hike.

I feel for people in prison too, especially when they suffer horrendous experiences at the hands of other inmates (rape/stabbing etc.) That's not what prison is supposed to be about but little is done to get that gang culture out of the prison system. I admit that I have little sympathy for them being in prison considering the negative choices they made, but I do believe they deserve a second chance once back on the streets and a prison sentence is supposed to deter you from going back. Instead, prisoners learn to become BETTER criminals rather than better citizens.

I agree that criminality is sometimes cyclical (e.g. molesters who were molested or poor adults who's children become poor and commit crimes to survive). Growing up in rough area will make a person "harder" BUT there's always the choice of freewill. You can be hard and intelligent at the same time and understand that there's a bigger world outside that harsh environment.

I thought that the whole sausage fiasco was interesting because it exemplified in some way how spoiled our society is. It's not enough that a guy was sent to prison and is basically catered to (food, shelter, clothes, exercise equipment) but, they had to start a riot because they got one sausage instead of two!?!?!?! I'll be the first to admit that prison is no place I'd want to be- EVER. I'm very sympathetic to people who are there because it's a harsh place, but my sympathy has it's limits.

I haven't seen trailers to Rock's movie (I don't watch too much tv so I miss out on a lot). You'll have to let me know how it is. If I'm ever in Canada, I'll make sure we have an opportunity to have coffee in PERSON!

Fri Sep 21, 12:55:00 PM


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