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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

As much as I pride myself in NOT being dependent on this whole technology thing, I've found that I REALLY hate not having a computer at my disposal. Ever since the computer at home decided to fry itself, I've been dependent on the comps at school, coffeehouse (Joe's in E. Atlanta) or some other seedy joint where a friend or two lives. For four days this past weekend, I sat at home (played hookey on FRIDAY baby!) and not ONCE did I fiend to use the computer. Once I had the opportunity on Monday, I checked email, surfed a little bit and I was through! Now that I get back to work on Tuesday, I find there's ALL this shit I didn't do when I had the time (or didn't care about enough to remember). Now it's almost 7pm and I'm still at school and I'm cranky! See what happens when you discover GoogleEarth......That attention deficit is a mutha fucka....


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